March 30, 2023
Whois - What is it and How to Do It

Our whois lookup plugin helps you to get the contact  whois lookup information for a website domain, IP address, or server. You can also get more information about the name, owner, and other details of the website.

The Whois lookup page gives the information of any domain name, it has been used by millions of people since 1996. This service offers a number of options like whois lookup, whois lookup by IP address, whois lookup by URL, whois lookup by email address, whois lookup by telephone number, whois lookup by website, whois lookup by username,

The Whois Lookup tool allows you to search for domain names.

We offer WhoIs lookup services to assist customers in finding the owners of domain names and IP addresses, as well as information about who registered them.

ICANN’s registration data lookup tool

Every day, millions of websites are being created around the world. When a webmaster wants to register his/her domain name, he/she needs to make sure that the domain name does not already exist. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has released a new search engine that helps webmasters identify existing domain names with an affordable price.

Our new ICANN registration lookup tool allows website owners and domain registrants to verify the validity of their domain name ownership records. You can also check the WHOIS details of your domain, including its registrar and expiration date.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the global independent non-profit organization that manages and maintains the DNS (Domain Name System) and the IP address allocation. The DNS database is a central resource used by all connected users in the Internet. ICANN has been tasked with creating a way to quickly and efficiently verify information. This would allow users to

Whois Domain Lookup

Whois domain lookup, or DNS lookup, is an internet service provided by ICANN. The goal of the WHOIS database is to provide every single domain owner with free and anonymous access to their domain name information.

Whois domain lookup service is a free tool to verify the registration information of a domain name. It provides the following services:

1. Verifies whether the domain name was registered before or not.

2. Displays the contact details (including phone number and email address) of the registrant(s) if the domain name was registered.

3. Provides links

Whois domain lookup is a free service provided by many DNS providers to find the registrant contact details of domain names.

With our Whois domain lookup plugin, you can easily check the WHOIS information about a given domain name. The plugin allows you to check the ownership details of a domain name with just a click.

Find out who owns a website

On our popular Find Out Who Owns A Website blog, you can find articles about how to use the Find Out Who Owns A Website plugin, plus posts about SEO, privacy policy and more.

Webinar: Why Mobile Apps Matter for SMBs

Webinar: Why Mobile Apps Matter for SMBs

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Find out Who Owns A Website is a free tool that lets you find out who owns a domain name. You can use it to check the contact information of a website owner or find out if a website is registered to a business or an individual.

Find out who owns a website by using our free WhoIs tool, or our premium version which allows you to track websites anonymously. Our tools are easy to use, and they never send any data to us.

Do you ever wonder who owns a particular website? If so, then you’ll love our free tool, Who Owns Website. Simply enter the URL of any website into this free service and we’ll tell you the contact information for the owner.


We provide free whois services that allow you to check domain ownership information as well as availability and status of domain name registration records.

Our WHOIS DOMAIN LOOKUP plugin helps you find out the details like whois records, email addresses, nameservers, registration information, contact information, etc for any given domain name.

We provide service on Domain name registration. We also cover about the domain name registration process, Domain name registrars, Domain name buying, and so on.

Monday, March 16, 2016

A big part of successful website building is using Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to monitor your website.

GWT is the free tool from

Domain  provides an overview of the domain name  for a given domain name. The WHOIS database is maintained by ICANN, and is generally considered to be authoritative.


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We provide free website whois lookups on the internet. This allows you to find out who owns a website before buying it. Our free lookups are updated every 30 minutes.

Our  tool can help you  any website’s ownership details using its own free web form. All you have to do is enter the domain name or IP address, and the tool will return all the details about the owner including their contact details, the date they registered the domain name and much more!

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